HD Map# 50

Overview of Historic District and Source of following text.

50.    Worcester Homestead (Farley Tavern), “ 20 Depot Road, 2 Richardson Rd.,”

1740.  Contributing building. Corrections by Lucille Worcester 2002 in italics


Located at the corner of Depot Road and Richardson Road, the Worcester Homestead is a 2 1/2-story, clapboarded dwelling capped by a gable roof with a hip at the southwest corner where the two sloping surfaces meet.  The facade fronting Depot Road is five bays wide with a center entrance containing a four-panel door flanked by full sidelights.  Thin fluted columns on octagonal bases support the hip roof of the entry porch.  The north elevation is two bays deep and has a saltbox profile at the rear.  Windows contain a 2/2 sash, indicative of a 19th century alteration and are capped by lipped lintels.  A 6/6 window with entablature lintel is visible in the attic.


It is on the south elevation that the house’s evolution is most apparent.  The westernmost two bays are associated with the part of the house facing Depot Road while an additional six bays of openings extend to the east.  An additional entrance is located in the fifth bay and is flanked by full sidelights with the same porch columns. 


A large gablefront barn at the rear of the property is no longer extant.