HD Map# 74, 74A

Locke Store

Overview of Historic District and Source of following text.

74.  Locke House, 11 Broad Street, c. 1930.  Contributing building.


The house at 11 Broad Street is a modern 1 1/2-story, Cape Cod structure with a facade which is five bays wide.  The clapboarded building displays close eaves and two gable dormers rise from the front slope of the asphalt-shingled roof.  Windows contain 6/6 sash.  An offset garage extends to the east. 


It appears that this house was built by Leslie Locke for his son, Loren, on part of the larger property which Bertram and Mary Locke purchased from Adelaide Lovejoy in 1892.  The property was sold by Louise Locke to Loren Locke in 1949.  After Lorenís death in 1981 and Berthasís in 1994 ownership passed to Linda Murphy who sold it in 1997 to Nancy Bosowski. 


74A.  Store, c.1930.  Contributing building. 


To the west of the main house is a low, one-story shop building constructed of novelty siding.  Fenestration includes 3 x 2-light windows.