DAR# 102
Stanley Gondek

Basic text is from the DAR History of Hollis Homes, edited by Deborah E. Lovejoy 1953 with accompanying map (Cudworth). Codes used are initials of editors from this book and from 1999-2000 update editors. See bibliography for full information.

Jonathan Danforth, Sr. came here in 1741, married Anna Blanchard in 1743, and died four years later. His widow married Stephen Martin. In 1758 William Poole and his wife, Hannah Nichols of Reading, settled here. He died in 1795. In 1796 Coolidge Wheat lived here. Next to come was Charles Eastman, son of Amos, Jr., who married Rebecca Spaulding, daughter of Silas, in 1797. After him came Benjamin Messer, a cabinet maker, who married Abigail Holt in 1810. In 1832, Eri Colburn. Hugh Jones, a blacksmith, lived here in 1835 or 1836. Henry Fox lived here in 1847 or 1848. John C. Smith came next. He was a shoemaker and farmer. He was in the Civil War and died on the way home from Panama in the 1860ís. After this Nathaniel Jewett with his wife and daughter lived here for two years. They sold to John Farrar, who built the ell as it is now. John Wilson lived here in the late 1860ís or early 1870ís and moved to Florida in 1889. Benjamin Rideout bought the place of Mr. Wilson for his son John. He did not live here long. Levi S. Whicher bought the place and owned it for a short time. During a part of this time Newton Merrill lived here. Then it was bought by Luke Blood; in 1908 by Samuel Bancroft; in 1909 by J. Charles Hills. Charles Hills sold to Perley Lund. (1917) Perley Lund in 1926 bought the Van Dyke farm and Tom Smith owned this place. By 1952 Stanley Gondek has owned it for 15 years or so. (DAR I)

In 1958 Edward Gondek, son of Stanley, sold to Richard and Mary Taylor. He himself built a house nearly opposite Milton Wright on the Depot Road.

The house came back into Gondekís possession in July 1959.