DAR# 238 (part of)
Cooper Shop and Shabkin Schoolhouse site

Basic text is from the DAR History of Hollis Homes, edited by Deborah E. Lovejoy 1953 with accompanying map (Cudworth). Codes used are initials of editors from this book and from 1999-2000 update editors. See bibliography for full information.

(B.H. No. 411) Hartwell Bills moved the Shabkin Schoolhouse to his place for a cooper shop.  James Holmes remembers that this was done the same year that the High School was built or the next year.  After Hartwell Bills, James Bills owned the place.  …In 1953 the place was sold to Robert Prince.  In 1955 Robert E. Prince sold to Alfonso Stevens.


(ed. Note 2001)  This is a cellar hole, documented in the DAR history #238.  It is the site of a coopershop which had been converted from the old Shabkin schoolhouse.  One can find stones and scattered bricks at the site, which is just along the road where the driveway enters the property at its south.  The cellarhole has been enhanced by a garden by the owner of the property and was featured on a recent Garden Club tour.  The schoolhouse was moved by Hartwell Bills the same year that the Farley building was built and the small schoolhouses centralized.  The School had served the Hardy District No. 14.  Eventually the coopershop fell into disrepair and collapsed.

Several hundred feet north of the site is a driveway to the neighboring house; and to the south of the property is the old road to Pine Hill Road.