For Kids
Guessing Games

Look on the Desclos private collections page. How do you think these were held and used? When a cooper made a barrel what do you think went into the barrel.

The plane was made in Hollis near Lovejoy Hill. If you look closely, you can see the name of the maker. It was used in Hollis especially inside during the winter. Do you know where Lovejoy Hill is? Do you know anyone who rode a sled down Lovejoy Hill? Would your Mom or Dad have liked to use this tool?Look at our window frame photo? When do you think the frame itself made?

Ask Phineas.
Do you know who an important Hollis Phineas was? Was Phineas a girl or a boy? Clue look in two places in Monument Square. By the clue can you guess where he might have lived? Why is Phineas in Monument Square? Would you have liked to be Phineas? Why?
Clue #2 are you interested in archeology? Check the places where archeology studies were made in Hollis.

Ask Anna.
Try this word search for Anna’s complete name. There is a book in the Hollis Library about her family. She lived before the “Little House in the Prairie” people.
Visit the cemetery behind the Library? Look for some of the markers for children. What can you learn from them? Do you know how to play “jackstraws”?

Word Search
Try this word search for Anna’s complete name. And some things about her.  If you are good you will find: Her whole name including middle name. Her husband’s name, when she came to Hollis, and two of her jobs.  A total of 9 words.