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what:    The free public library for the Town of Hollis chartered 1799 is

one of the oldest libraries in the country.  The collection includes a reference section on genealogy and history of the Town and State, old maps, a listing of all the gravestones in local cemeteries, the Indexed DAR History of Homes and Photographs, Fireplaces of Hollis, art works and photos including Franklin Worcester a descendant of the author of Hollis’s History and the donor of land for the library, and online facilities as well as an audio collection including full oral histories collected and excerpted on "Windows on Hollis Past".


where:    North side of Monument Square center of Town


who to contact for more information:   

Voice: 603-465-7721  FAX: 603-465-3507


Mail: Monument Square, P. O. Box 659, Hollis, NH 03049-0659

E-mail: helpdesk@hollislibrary.org