DAR BIBLIOGRAPHY used in writing the histories, which are the beginning information in this collection,:

History of Hollis, NH 1879, S.T. Worcester

Early Settlers of West Dunstable, Monson and Hollis, NH, 1915, Spaulding

These can be found at the Hollis Social Library and for sale at the Historical Society and at Town Clerk:

History of Hollis, NH 1879, S.T. Worcester

Hollis Family Album 1730-1950, J. Tinklepaugh

Early Settlers of West Dunstable, Monson and Hollis, NH, 1915, Spaulding

These can be found at the Hollis Social Library:

Field Guide to American Architecture, Carole Rifkind.

A Field Guide to American Houses, Virginia & Lee McAlester


This annotated bibliography of books on architecture pertinent to Hollis architecture was done to accompany the newspaper series Hollis Houses and Streetscapes Fall 1997.  For other books use the key word “architecture” on the computerized card file. An interested student of architecture can find many other books available on interlibrary loan.

Reference Do Not Circulate

      DAR Book of Hollis Homes, and Photo Albums prior to 1958 keyed to map of locations.  This same collection is at the Historical Society and those with permission are online at Windows on Hollis Past.

     Notebook on Historic Commissions. National Historic Trust, Inherit NH Includes reprints of pamphlets and other information useful as background on how the Historic District Commission derived guidelines and regulations. Of special interest: Jaffrey Historic District Commission Design Guidelines. The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Historic Home ownership Assistance Act H.R. 1134/S. 496, March 1997. A reproduced pamphlet on registration on the Historic Trust and the financial benefits of doing so. Melissa Bouvet 's design for Hollis.

Field Guides with Pictures and Photos

      McAlester, Virginia & Lee, A Field Guide to American Houses.

A very detailed look at house shapes, styles, periods, and decoration arranged for ease of identification like any good field guide. Looks at regional architecture throughout U.S.

Non-Fiction New England Arch. Background

     The following are not about Hollis but apply as they describe similar towns and settings.

     Davidson, Marshall B. The American Heritage History of Notable American Houses.

     Fennelly, Catherine, Life in An Old New England Country Village 1969,

The story of New England farm and village life in reconstructed Old Sturbridge Village; buildings moved from other locations recreate lost history.         

     Kent, Louise Andrews, Village Greens of New England, 1948. Many photos.

     Marlowe, George Francis, Churches of Old New England. 1947

Their Architecture and Their Architects, Their Pastors and Their People.

Non-Fiction, Narrative

     Kidder, Tracy, House.

An award winning book describes the building of a copy of an old style New England House in Amherst, MA; the financial relationships of the architect, owners, and builder. Interesting on architecture and as a character study.

Building, Remodeling, & Travel Guide Books

     Locke, Jim, The Well Built House. The builder of the house in Tracy Kidder's book House outlines in clear lay language important items to include in plans and any specifications for a house to serve well, last long and be faithful to its heritage. Useful in building and remodeling.

     Grow, Lawrence, The Fourth Old House Catalogue, Styles, and where to get authentic reproductions, salvage, and advice on remodeling old buildings.

     Maynard, Mary, A Yankee Books Travel Guide. Open Houses in New England.

Photos, description easy daytrips.

      Powell, Anne Elizabeth, The New England Colonial Features the Endicott Peabodys' interiors and solar remodel of "The Parsonage" 33 Main Street.

     Tolles, Bryant F, NH Architecture, An Illustrated Guide. Note that this book has some inaccuracies about Hollis.

     Susanka, Sarah, The Not So Big House, A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live. Much talked about; theory: quality, comfort, and individual planning for space needs are as important as number of rooms and can make a better house.  Many photographs.  Easy reading.  Clients come to this architect after difficulty being comfortable in rooms which impress as they are built as public spaces not on a family scale.  Also “Creating the Not So Big House: Insights and Ideas for the New American Home” 2002.


     Baker, John Milnes, American House Styles. Easy reading, clear and concise, a good quick reference tool.

     Rifkind, Carole, A Field Guide to American Architecture Photographs and clear explanations of styles and periods and decoration in U.S. Easy to read and understand; a good quick reference tool.

Visser, Thomas Durant, Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings,

     Harris, Cyril M. Ed., Architecture & Construction Dictionary 2nd Ed.

     Bouvet, Melissa, A Community Youth and Senior Center, Hollis NH, May 1997 Study of Monument Square area traffic and buildings; commentary and scale drawings from thesis study presented to the Town.  Scale 3D model in the Town Hall.

Many other reference materials on style, streetscape, materials, methodology, barns, etc.


Rybczynski, Witold, Home, 1986

National Trust, Master Builders, A guide to Famous American Architects,1985

Benjamin, Asher, The Country Builder’s Assistant, A Collecton of Designs, 1797, republished Applewood Books ISBN 155709104-8

Ziegler, Philip C., Storehouse of Time, Historic Barns of the Northeast


 Books and games of interest to children - starters – Ask the Children’s Librarian. (Parents, please share your favorites with us):

Munroe, Roxie Architects Make ZigZags

MacCauley , City,

Wilbur, C. Keith HomeBuilding & Woodworking in Colonial America, ISBN 1-56440

Also by Wilbur:New England Indians, Revolutionary Medicine, Indian Handcrafts.

Forbes, Esther, Johnny Tremain

Whitehurst ,Susan , The colony of New Hampshire .


Historic maps from Town Hall and Hollis Historical Society Collection:

J.R. Chase Hillsborough County 1858 Smith, Mason & Co.

Copy of “Map of a Part of Hollis & Brookline”, E.J. Colburn (Enoch J. Colburn b. 1830 d. 1905), Hollis, NH.

Wallings 1858 from Nashua Business Directory,

1888-1892 County Map

Hollis NH Hillsborough Co. 1877 “loand (sic) Lincon Brigham original draftsman unknown maybe in possession of Yankee Publishers Dublin NH

A.S. Chandler 1977” Hollis NH,

 C. A. Cudworth Map of Historic Properties 1951 (Numbered to accompany DAR History of Homes)

Other Maps:

From Town Hall: Town Forest, Hollis, NH Partial Map of Approximate Boundaries est. 1916 (date of map??)

Town of Hollis Current Tax Maps 29, 30, 35, 36, 37

From US Geological Survey, South Merrimack Quad. 15' series

From Nashua Regional Planning Commission: Technology Grant Digitized Heritage Sites in Hollis 1999 version  (if completed before this submission 2002 version)

Not included in package:

Land Protection Study Committee, Hollis, Maps

Books and Articles:

Brown, Abraham English, Beside Old Hearthstones

“Church Yard Cemetery Records”. Town of Hollis

DAR Historv of Hollis Homes, edited by Deborah E. Lovejoy 1953 with accompanying map (Cudworth).

     The material therein was "assembled from the previous book compiled by the DAR under the direction of Mrs. Samuel A. Worcester (DAR b, from Miss Abby Flagg~s notes, from Bertha Hayden's (B.H.) and Ruth Rogers" (R.R.) compilations, from Frank Burge's (F.B.) notes dictated to Emma Vandyke (E. VD.), and by asking questions of descendants of the old families" This included Mr. Norman Howe (N.Ho), Mr. William Howe (Wm.H), Miss Lucinda Read (L.R.), and Mrs. Lucy Patch Wright (L.P.W.).

Where the Past Has Been Preserved, Hollis, NH 1879- 1979, Hollis History Committee: James Hayden, Hilda Hildreth, Martha Rogers, William Wehrle, and Irene West, Chairman Phoenix Publishing, Canaan, NH

LCHIP Draft Application, 2001 L. Simonfy for the Town of Hollis, sections by the Hollis Conservation and Heritage Commissions

Little, Henry G., Hollis Seventv Years Ago

REPP Report l999, Nashua Regional Planning Commission

Tinklepaugh, Joan Child, Hollis Familv Album. The Folk Tales and Familv Trees of the First Settlers of Hollis, NH 1730-1950, 1997, Penobscot Press

Spaulding, Charles S., Early Settlers of West Dunstable, Monson. and Hollis, 1915, Nashua NH, The Telegraph Press

Town of Hollis Master Plan 1998

Town of Hollis Town Reports

Worcester, Samuel T., Historv of the Town of Hollis, NH 1879, Nashua, NH. O.C. Moore

NHDHR Area Form LON-WO. Preservation Company, 9-20-2001

NHDHR Individual Forrns Filed in Hollis Technology Grant Survey 1999-2001

Patch's Corner Area Form, Hollis Technology Grant Survey 1999-2001

Interviews with: Hollis Heritage Commission Members, Hilda Hildreth, Richard Walker, Irene Farley West, Robert Gould, Rebecca Crowther, Gerry Haley, Eleanor Whittemore, Frank Whittemore, Elwyn Hardy all of Hollis.

Deed Information, Town of Hollis, Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds, Nashua, NH.