The criteria for including a photograph or brief biographies here is that of having contributed an oral history, having appeared on the cover of the Town Report 1995 to present, or having your photograph hanging or printed in an important place in Town. These are meant to be the start of a collection: varied as the town is varied. It will grow as people are willing to have photos shown of family and friends who are part of our past.

Fred Gemmill

Bob Gould

Robert Hackett

Roger Hammond

Ralph and Kit Hardy

Hilda Lull Hildreth

Henry Hildreth

Mabel Hills

Louise King

Rheta Locke McGilvray

Harlan Muzzey

Hollis Nichols

Endicott "Chub" Peabody

Erving Simonds

Jeff Smith

Eliot Ware

Irene Farley Boulton West

Eleanor and Frank Whittemore